How to Become a Godly Grandfather

How to Become a Godly Grandfather

By Timothy Bowie

The most important point in my life, the day I accepted Jesus, built a solid foundation with Jesus as the cornerstone of my life. God blessed both my wife and I with great teachers, some of whom replaced our own grandparents. This acceptance of Jesus, then, is the first step in becoming a Godly grandfather. It really helps to have made many mistakes as you go from bridegroom to father, from father to waiting impatiently for your children to present you with those tiny squalling, wiggling babies. It did not dawn on me at first, that I should help guide these children as they began asking questions.

I learned not only to teach my grandchildren to pray, but to pray in their presence. Also, I leave my bedroom door open just a bit in case one of them sneaks in to see what “Bopah” is doing, so they see me on my knees praying for my family, for our country, and for our world.  Somehow, this seems to validate my position as a Godly leader in our family. Do not be afraid to answer their questions, but remember to answer in such a way that they will understand. Never “talk down” to them, but give a simple explanation, even as Jesus presented in His parables. Trust that they will start asking questions from about the age of three!

You don’t need to buy a bunch of books to learn how to become a blessed grandfather, because it’s in our handbook, given by God. I did, however, buy a book with very nice pictures of the heroes of the Old Testament, and of Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament. I bought such a book because I so loved the picture book my Godly grandmother kept in her bookcase. I “read” that book from the time I was 3 until I was 16 years of age. Children love to take part in whatever grandpa is doing, and they will follow you to learn about Jesus, about our faith, and most important, to learn that we grandparents walk the talk.

When you find yourself at your wit’s end because your grandchild is allowing peer pressure to determine their behavior, you should read Proverbs to find out how to get that little sheep or lamb to turn back to the greenest pastures, to the coolest streams. Teach them as you learn. The first scripture I memorized was Psalm 100, and I was 6. That Psalm has remained with me since. Challenge your grandchildren to memorize a Psalm or verses from a Psalm, and relate that passage to their life.

Lastly, pray openly. Bless the meal regardless of the venue. If you stand for Jesus and His holiness, you’re more than 75% of the way there. Remember to talk about God’s Grace. None of us is particularly holy, or righteous, but it is through God’s Grace that we are saved. Nothing we do will make God love us any more that He does, because when He looks at us, He sees only the Blood of Jesus. Grace is why we are saved, and grace will help you to be a Godly Grandfather.