Roots of Me

Roots of Me

By Alexei M. Green


Big, crazy, bushy, tree

Words others use to categories me,

Crowning glory root to tip,

Grows out of my head it’s fresh and hip,

Can I touch it? No you cant!

Styled with pride with oils from plants,

Bongo braids and Congo Curls,

Walking into school I say all the girls

Fried or dyed my unruly crop,

Soft and silky my tendrils drop,

Lancaster, bergamot, bumble bee

Coconut pressing oil Ouch don’t burn me!

My crop any me, it’s plain to see,

We’re connected as the toots so let it be,

No matter how I wear my hair,

beauty’s essence defined and loving experiences to share!

(C) Alexei M.Green, 2015.



top photo by Jason Carrington

bottom photo by David Powell.