Tips for Boys Hair Care – by “O” Cuts Master Barbers

Tips for Boys Hair Care – by “O” Cuts Master Barbers

Omar Anderson, the owner of “O” Cuts Master Barbers talks to AHM’s Glenora Joseph-Parker about basic hair care for boys.

AHM: What kinds of tools, do you need to cut a small boy’s hair?

OMAR: The tools you need are as follows: a liner, a fast speed, scissors, a comb, a cape, white neck strips for the cape, clipper guards, and a neck brush and powder. Also if the boy is small, a booster seat for him to sit on, in order to cut his hair.


AHM: What’s the best first haircut for a boy?

OMAR: A mini-fro hair cut is best; not having all of his hair cut off at once.

AHM: How often should boys get haircuts?

OMAR: Parents should have boys cut their hair every 2 to 3 weeks. It depends on the hair texture and how fast the hair grows.

AHM: What do you like about transforming little boys by their haircuts?

OMAR: It gives me a sense of accomplishment seeing them have a smile on their faces. They smile at themselves in the mirror knowing they stayed still to have their hair cut- they did it!

AHM: How long have you been in the barbering business?

OMAR: I’ve been in the business for 25 years now.  It’s nice to see and know the community appreciates our customer service at “O” Cuts Master Barbers, and most of all we really want everyone who comes into our shop to feel and look good!

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(model:Nathaniel; photo by Jason Carrington. Hair cut by “O” Cuts Master Barbers).